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Saving Time and Manpower with e-Recruitment

Take a Taste

A sample Google search turns up any number of recruiting software programs. While they tend to have many features in common, there are modifications that companies may include to try to pull ahead and stay competitive. The best companies offer live online demonstrations so you can get a taste of what they have on offer.

In general, recruitment software offers can help companies with the following recruitment services:

Vacancy Database—Potential employers submit vacancy descriptions and enter them into a searchable online vacancy database to appear on the company website. In addition, there's an option to send the vacancy descriptions to chosen recruitment agencies and job boards.

Candidate Interaction—Potential employees can browse online vacancy descriptions, and respond to attractive positions by completing an online job application form and/or by taking an online test for aptitude and suitability. After completing these tasks, the candidate submits the data he has created, and can login to the site at any time to receive an update on the progress of his application, arrange interview dates when relevant, or use the interactive features to edit his contact details.

Agency Interaction—Chosen recruitment agencies selected by the company may review new vacancies online and use the interactive features of the software to both submit details on possible candidates as well as to measure and assess their suitability for a given position with state of the art computing.

Save Time

Candidate Screening and Administrative Services—This is where recruitment software really saves time and manpower. Recruitment software does the work of a dozen secretaries and clerks. The software can track and screen candidates, communicate information to them, and make requests for references to several relevant people at once. Not only does this give the candidate better and more streamlined service, it cuts your administrative workload and company time to more than half.

Interactive Reporting—At your fingertips is the ability to review reports on recruitment agencies detailing costs, popularity, and the effectiveness rating. You can also bone up on legal matters and other important information depending on the type of software you buy.

Look for software that is easy to use and compatible with popular computer programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft WORD. Software that includes a record-keeping database so that you can keep track of company response to given candidates is a bonus. Software that allows for adaptation and flexibility has a major edge over more rigid programs making it suitable for companies of all stripes and sizes.

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