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One of the biggest hindrances for people considering returning to school or continuing their education is finding the time. Our busy lives can make it difficult to commit to regular schooling. However, thanks to the internet, now anyone can find the time to go to school. There are a plethora of schools online where you don't even need to leave your home!

Online universities and online colleges are cropping up all over the internet these days. To get the scoop on online learning, check out our FAQs for Online Schools. Having trouble choosing an online school? Discover how to find an accredited online college or online university at our Choosing An Online School Guide.

Distance learning and online schooling is a great way to finish up your studies or get another degree. While almost all universities and colleges offer some type of distance education or online courses (and in some cases, even an online degree or graduate degree), this type of education is no longer limited to college students. More and more elementary and high schools are turning up online, allowing younger students to take advantage of this type of schooling, as well.

Online learning is also great for people who are home schooled. Whether you are looking for more information on setting up a curriculum, would like to use online learning to supplement your curriculum, or are looking to network with other parents and students involved in home schooling, online school resources makes it easy to find what you need.

Of course, a variety of questions typically arise when you decide to partake in online learning. What is the application process like? How much will the class cost? Is it possible to receive financial aid? What kind of accreditation should the school have? Will my distance learning credits be accepted at other schools? What types of media are typically used in distance education programs? Like all learning institutions, there are certain credentials you should look for in your online school.

A big buzzword in online learning right now is mentored learning. This means the instructor gives students one-on-one support to make the learning experience more effective. However, quality of mentoring can vary greatly, so make sure to do your research before you choose a mentored learning program.

There are disadvantages to online learning, as well. As convenient as this type of schooling may be, it is not always suited to everyone. Take a look at Is Distance Learning for You? to help you determine just how appropriate this method of learning is for you.

Even if you are planning on attending a traditional university or college, online learning programs can still benefit you. Many study guides, programs and classes exist online to help you prepare for difficult entrance exams, like the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT. Online study classes are also offered for the GRE exam, which makes them ideal for international students looking to attend graduate school in the United States.


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